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Jack of all Trades A.K.A. The Home Inspector

Before you read this self-serving bit about little ol’ me, I’m going to beg you to read one or two of my posts after this before you click away never to be seen or heard from again. I think you will find them entertaining as well as informative. So please, I’m down on my knees typing and pleading, just give me a read! Seriously though, I guarantee you will enjoy your time. Thanks, T

The phrase “Jack of all trades” has actually been around since the 1600’s. Originally this referred to a generalist, an individual who could bring different but related disciplines together in a practical manner, even a renaissance man. This person was thought of in a positive light. Not until later did the addition of “Master of none” get added and the expression took a negative turn. When I became a Certified Home Inspector I realized how proud I was to be a “Jack of all trades” instead of up to that point being frustrated in being the “Master of none”.

I have found that as I rehabbed houses to flip, rehabbed duplexes to rent, worked as a carpenter during all this and then working my way through my home inspection classes that I love knowing as much as possible about how houses should work and be put together. Also, I love educating homeowners and potential homeowners about their houses and about any DIY projects which they have the desire to take on.  Although there are times to tell a homeowner to call in a professional, there are an amazing amount of projects that you can accomplish yourself around the house if you are willing to be patient and give it a go.

Travis Moyer, home inspector, columbus, ohioThat being said, I started this blog to share things that I see during home inspections and to answer any questions from homeowners about their homes and their projects. Please post questions, photos, videos, whatever you’ve got for me and I will do my best to help you out.

These posts are interesting, funny, a bit irreverent but certainly not stuffy and boring. I know you’ll find that the posts are interesting to read even if you don’t plan to take on the project discussed. Also, check out the monthly “Tool Porn-Tool Pick For The Month” posts if you are a tool enthusiast. It’s always fun to have a reason to buy more tools, right? Also, the monthly articles “S.F.H. Seeks Loving and Inquisitive H.O.” which will go over different things I look for during a home inspection and educate you about your home. Anywho, give me a read and let me know what you think or maybe you know someone else who would enjoy and you can turn them on to my blog (Thanks in advance).

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you,

Travis “That Home Inspector Guy” Moyer