Well, I guess I should put a little more effort into this page! Ugh! I’m usually the last person to toot my own horn but I guess if I don’t, who will? I’m gonna try to, briefly, cover how I got from point A to the present point which we will call B.

I have always been the go-to guy when something wasn’t working. From what I understand my Grandfather was quite the tinkerer, heaven knows it wasn’t my Dad. My Grandfather was actually an inventor for a job and as a hobby. Maybe that is where I got my inquisitiveness from. Before I got into carpentry, DIY, etc I was the guy who fixed, calibrated, tested the machines for the companies that I worked for as well as being a manager. Always loved to be hands on.

Anywho, about 10 years ago I decided to leave the rat race and start buying homes to flip with a buddy. Man, were we clueless. I think I was mostly excited to have an excuse to buy new tools and feel manly (I know, it would take more than power tools to help me here!). After the first one was rehabbed and we waited for the house to sell there was this strange thing that happened with my finances. You see, I found that after you rehabbed the house you actually had to wait for the danged thing to sell and well, I kinda needed to make some money till it did sell. So I hung out a shingle as a painter/handyman. Much to my surprise I actually did pretty well at it for not wanting to make it my full-time gig.  Sorta on-the-job training if you will. Carried my home improvement book with me in the truck wherever I went and hid it under stuff in the front seat of the truck. Three houses later my buddy was going back to be a rat and I moved on to buying duplexes to rehab and rent and although still clueless about many things, I was getting much less so by the day. I actually dropped the term “handyman” and just referred to myself as “carpenter”. After years of this I found that I had a real love of knowing how things work and how things should be done, but man, the work sure wears you out. I did everything from roofing to hanging cabinets, deck building to crown molding, lotsa painting. One day I just decided to get out of that line of work and try to use my noodle more than my back but what to do? I didn’t want to be a rat again and I really did like being hands-on somewhat? I called a friend who was a commercial property appraiser and he said, “With your experience, why don’t you check out home inspections?”.

Who woulda thunk it. I did check it out and I love it. There is always something new to learn and I truly love helping people through a transaction that is really stressful. The funny thing is, I was getting random calls from people who had heard about me and wanted me to look at investment properties with them at the end of my carpentry career and I was doing that for free!! I truly have a passion for old houses in particular, it is so cool to see and feel the hands of those craftsman from 100 years ago and try to figure out what was done to the house along the way.

So that’s a bit about little ol’ me. I know, I can never be brief. To finish off below, I listed some of my class experience to prepare to be a licensed home inspector. A little bit of a C.V., if you will. Sorry it’s so dry but I don’t do good at formal stuff and it’s always changing as I take new classes to further my continuing education.

Thanks for looking,

That Home Inspector Guy

Certified Home Inspector through Hondros Career Center with 40 Hour course
Certified Graduate Home Inspector through Hondros Career Center
Certified Professional Mold Inspector through Hondros Career Center
Member of International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)
Passed InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice Quiz
Passed InterNACHI’s Code of Ethics Quiz
Passed InterNACHI’s Inspector Examination
On Line Video Classes:
-Vermiculite Insulation
-Performing a Garage Inspection
-Home Inspection Training
-Electrical Inspection Course
-HVAC Training for Inspectors