I work very hard for my home inspection clients and my blog subscribers. If you feel I have been helpful in either of these areas, I would be grateful beyond belief to hear from you. Please leave me a comment below and earn my eternal gratitude!


  1. Anne Cogan Elshoff

    Travis is SO easy to work with. As a realtor I feel confident that he will take the time to explain the process to my clients and will carefully detail each issue that appears. Having photographs and a link to a web page with the report is so valuable when sharing the inspection with clients and contractors. As a homeowner, I loved having Travis inspect my new home and felt confident that he would be available to answer any questions that came up, even after the closing. Highly reccommended!

  2. Travis is great…he is a witty, honest, down-to-earth person who happens to also be a great, knowledgeable home inspector. The Barbara Richardson Team is happy to recommend him to our clients any time, and we have a good Travis story…we were representing Buyer clients who were about to place an offer on a home, so we brought up the home inspection conversation. We recommended Travis. These same Buyers heard shortly after that Travis would be doing the home inspection for the Buyer who was buying the home that they were selling (I know, a little confusing, but stick with me…)! When these Buyers/Sellers saw a copy of the home inspection he did for the Buyer of their home, they were so impressed with the report and the detail of his work, they knew they had to hire Travis to do the inspection on the home they were buying. All the clients we know who have worked with Travis have been equally pleased.

  3. Travis was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He was thorough, and had a lot of good suggestions when we used his services. I would highly recommend Travis!

  4. Christopher & Valerie Mould

    Travis was a great help. We were in the process of purchasing a our first home and unsure of the condition of the house. Travis went though the house from top to bottom , front to back. We couldn’t be more happy with the amount of inspection knowledge that he indulged us with. I would recommend Travis to anyone. I just wish the rest of the home buying process was this easy.

  5. Travis did an amazing job on our home inspection. He was very thorough and identified all the major issues that we would need to take care of. He went out of his way to explain the issues and gave us some ideas as to how to take care of them. The electricians he recommended were excellent and well priced. Everything about my experience with Travis was exceptional!

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