What To Expect During Your Home Inspection

First and foremost, and I can’t stress this enough, this is YOUR inspection. Yes, I have a job to do but this is your time to get all your questions answered. You need to decide what you want to accomplish during your inspection. Do you want to measure for furniture and window treatments? Do you want to check out paint samples? Do you want to stick your head up in the attic and crawl around your crawl space with me? If you are a first time home owner this is a great time to learn about how to check and change your furnace filter, where the water shut-off is, how to turn the electric off to the house in case of an emergency, etc. Don’t worry about me, I’ll roll with it for the most part. The only thing I may do is keep us from running up to the second floor and then down to the basement and then outside and then back to the basement, you get the idea. I will try to keep it somewhat efficient for us both.

That being said, here’s how I roll in the best case scenario. I try to show up early to get set up and have everything open for my clients arrival. I want you to be able to head into the house immediately if it is raining, snowing, blazing hot, whatever. You shouldn’t have to wait around for me to get set up.

I typically start with the outside. I take a couple trips around the house in opposite directions in order to get a different view on each trip around. The roof will get inspected in as much detail as is safe. By this I mean that if it is too high, too steep, too difficult to access I do not physically get up on the roof but resort to other techniques such as binoculars or looking from windows on the second floor. Keep in mind that I will also be up in the attic if accessible and will see signs of roof issues from that vantage point as well. Time to move inside.

After moving inside, I go to the basement. I freakin’ love basements! This is where all the fun stuff is. There are foundation walls, furnaces, water heaters, electric panels, crawl spaces, water shut-offs, gas meters (sometimes), you can typically see plumbing pipes and gas pipes and drain pipes and waste pipes………..oh my goodness! The basement will take a good bit of time. There is a saying, “Putting some lipstick on a pig”. This is what homeowners can do when they redo a bath, install new counters in a kitchen, etc but the basement is usually where you can see the homeowners true colors.

Up from the bowels of the home I head into the kitchen and start methodically moving through the house. After the first floor I will head up to the second floor if there is one and then into the attic. I save the attic for near the end because it is typically dirty and it can be blazing hot in the summer. I go into some attics during the summer months and come down looking like I’ve just hosed myself off with a garden hose!

After all this I end with the garage, final questions, payment (cash or check) and a summary of findings. You will typically know at this point if there are any major concerns. The little details will be in the report with pictures and descriptions. There may be one more visit to the house if there have been any remedies by the seller which I need to check when they are completed. This is included in my basic service at no extra charge.

That’s the inside scoop. If you have any further questions about the process just drop me a quick note. I would love to hear from you!

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