My Tool Belt

This area contains such uber useful sections such as DIY Tips, Tool Tips, Getting To Know Your Home, Seasonal Maintenance Tips and Stories from the Field. In DIY Tips I try to find good projects homeowners to take on themselves and things to avoid doing based on what I see and look for during inspections. Some of these gems I find during a home inspection may end up in Stories from the Field! In Tool Tips I will give you excuses to go out and buy a new tool. If you are like me it won’t take much. Basically I’m a big enabler and your spousal unit will end up hating me as you walk in the house time after time with fun stuff like and IR thermometer or some other cool tool. Getting To Know Your Home will cover different things like where your water meter and water shut-off may be located and other riveting and very useful info. Finally, check Seasonal Maintenance Tips quarterly to remind yourself of things to do to help maintain your investment.

Have fun,

That Home Inspector Guy

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